yeh Jo Mohabbat hai (Kati Patang dil vil pyra var) guitar chords and lyrics

Am                                    G
ye jo mohabbat hai, ye unakaa hain kaam
Am                               G
mehaboob kaa jo bas lete huye naam
Am                                   G
mar jaaye, mit jaaye, ho jaaye badanaam
rahane do, chhodo bhee jaane do yaar
          C         G
hum naa karenge pyaar
Am                                      G/Am
toote agar saagar, nayaa saagar koee le le
Am                                    G/Am
mere khudaa dil se koee kisee ke n khele
Am                            Am/G        
dil toot jaaye to kyaa ho anjaam

aankhe kisee se naa ulaz jaaye main darataa hoo
yaaro haseenon kee galee se main gujarataa hoo
bas door hee se kar ke salaam

:::. This i have updated with what I remember needs little bit correction...:::The strumming down down  down/up down/up down/up down and repeat...
Only at Rehne do chodo you can strum down down  with gap which gives a special touch...
In the para Am will itself will do well but a littel moving from G to Am once a while will make it better.
try try try and you will find it works well. If Am is not working good then try change scale replace Am with Bm or em or Gm according to your voice...