Woh beete Din Yaad Hain (Purana Mandir) guitar chords and lyrics

This song originally is in Bb minor but its too high for some people to sing, so ive transposed it lower by 1/2 a scale.................so those who can mange it in the original scale please transpose 1/2 scale up

Opening chord strum
Am Am G F ,(STOP) F G Am , Am G F
Woh beete din yaad hain
woh baaten sab yaad hain
guzare tere sang jo
                  F    E
aga ke tujhe ang jo
Woh muskana tera
palken jhukana tera
abhi hai dil mein mere
                             F     E
woh bheegi bheegi narmiyan
aag laka ke tum
    G               F     E
na jane kahan kho gaye
       F             E
kyon toote sapne

opening chords again

repeat the same chords for other stanzas