Laal Ghagra (RDB Sahara (Undisputed)) guitar chords and lyrics

Hey guys, the blast song by RDB ‘Laal Ghagra’ sang by Herbi is as follows:
On Dm Scale

             Dm  C
Billoni tera Laal ghagraaaaa
Billoni tera Laal ghagraaaaa

Dm                 C
Hai tarpawe saadi jaan kadjaawe

Tera laal ghagraa…

Dm                 C
Raatan di neend urawe

             Dm        C
Billoni tera laal ghagraa   ( X  3 )

Then theres a part in the middle and then:

Dm                         C  
Baghaan wich khile jivein phul sohne lagde

Am Dm   (X 2 both the lines)
Enj tere ghagre de phul boote sajde                

Dm                         C
Sariyaan to mehenga tere lakh te na rehnda

Tera Laal ghagra

Dm              C
Hawa wich urda jave

             Dm            C          
Billoni tera Laal ghagraaaaa   X 3

Keep repeating these chords after lisening to the song. This is the original scale of the song.

Enjoy peeple