Indian Classical Ragas on Guitar

hi people,
i have very interesting thing lined up for you today.
people are so crazy about western classical,
what about indian classical?
believe me this form of music is so rich that it can compete with any form of music in the world.
i am converting the indian notations to western notations for your ease.
do try it and if you can sing, then this is the thing that can fine tune your voice range also.

this is called "Dus That" in Indian Classical Music.
i am giving it in the scale of C.

1. Raag Bilawal: C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C

2. Raag Yaman:   C  D  E  F# G  A  B  C

3. Raag Khammaj: C  D  E  F  G  A  Bb C

4. Raag Kaafi:   C  D  Eb F  G  A  Bb C

5. Raag Bhairav: C  Db E  F  G  Ab B  C

6. Raag Purvi Thaat: C  Db  E  F#  G  Ab  B  C

7. Raag Tori:    C  Db  Eb  F#  G  Ab  B  C

8. Raag Marwa:   C  Db  E   F#  G  A  B  C

9. Raag Asavari: C  D  Eb  F  G  Ab  Bb  C

10. Raag Bhairavi:  C  Db  Eb  F  G  Ab  Bb  C

guys try this,i am sure people who really appreciate good music will appreciate this post.
this is not a cut-copy-paste job,so if there is any correction or suggestion then please do let me know.

Souman Das

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how can i play these classical on guitar ..............i mean what is the strumming and how to execute the song