Intaha ho gayi intezaar ki (Sharabi full song) guitar tabs and chords lead

First play the Em chord barred on the seventh fret (779987). Then play the following ...

-7-7s12-12-12-12--10-12-12s15-15-12-15-15p12-10-10h12-12p10-10s8-7--7-10-10s12-12p10-10s8-7-7h10-7-5-5---5-5-5h7-7s10-10-10s12-12-12p10-10s7-7-5-5h7------- (E string)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-5- (B string)

(as in, the whole intro is played on the first string, and the last two notes are played on the fifth fret of the second string ... or one can play the open first string as well ... cannot get the formatting right )

Then Kishore sings the 'La la laooooooooo' part, the chords of which are Em D C Bm Bm Em

[Em]Inteha ho gayi [D], intezar ki [Em],

[Em]Aaina kuch khabar [D], mere yaar ki [Em],

[Am]Yeh humein hai yakeen,[D] bewafa woh nahi [F#]

[F#]Phir wajah kya hui[B], intezar ki [Em].

Then, the music plays to which the ffg. chords can be played:

Em G F# Am Em

Em D C B

Am D G B Em

[Em] Baat jo hai usmein, baat [C] woh nahin yahan kahin [D] kisi mein,

[D]Woh hai meri bas hai meri, [Bm] shor hai yahin gali gali mein [Em],

[Em] Saath saath woh hai mere [C] gham mein, mere dil ki har [D] khushi mein,
[D] Zindagi mein woh nahi to [Bm] kuch nahi hai meri zindagi mein [Em].

[Em] Bujh na jaaye [D], ye shama [C], aetbaar ki [Em],

Inteha ho gayi repeats ...

Then, Asha steps in to lend some wackiness...

[Em]Ooooo mere sajna [F#], lo [A] main aa gayi [Em]

Then, the song goes totally crazy

Oooo mere sajna, lo main aa gayi

[Em] Logon ne toh diye honge [F#] bade bade nazrane, [A] layi hu mai tere liye [Em] dil mera
[Em] Dil yehi maange dua [F#] hum kabhi ho na judaa, [A] tera hai yeh tera rahe [Em] dil mera
[C] Yeh meri zindagi[D] hai teri [Em]
[C] Yeh meri zindagi[D] hai teri [Em]

Tu mera sapna, main tujhe paa gayi
Oooo mere sajna, lo main aa gayi

Gham ke andherey dhaley, Bujhey huey sitaare jale, dekha jo tujhe toh dil mein jaan aaye
Hothon pe taraane jage, armaan deewane jage, baahon mein aake tu aise sharmaaye
Chaa gayi phir wahi bekhudi
Chaa gayi phir wahi bekhudi

(Same as Logon ne toh ...)

La la la la la la

Then, the song goes into the sharabi mould again  , with the same chords as the mukhda ...

About the strumming pattern for the song (apart from the crazy part), this is what works for me:

| Da _ _ | Db _Ub | Db _Ub | Db _ _ | (in the second and third bars, _Ub is played in one beat)

The above pattern can be explained with the help of this key:
D=down stroke,U=up stroke, a=4th,5th and 6th strings i.e. the thick strings, b=1st,2nd and 3rd strings i.e. the thin strings

So Da means a down stroke on the thick strings, Db = down stroke on thin strings, Ub = Up stroke on thin strings.

The above pattern is a lil confusing as I don't know how to write it without using the semi-circle signs which aren't a part of the keyboard  but it's basically important to get the timing right ... play along with the song, it should be simple enough ...