Bin Tere Sanam- Remix (Yaara Dil Dara) guitar chords lyrics

The song starts with the downward stroking of Em and Bm chords.

In this song notice the accented beat and give the stroking at
the right word.The song here is an example of 'Before Beat'i.e.
the song starts before the stroking of the beat.


    Em              Em              Em   Bm  
Bin Tere Sanam  Mar Mitenge Hum  Aa Meri Zindagi,-2

    G         G       Bm       Bm     Em        
Aana Hi Pada Saajana, Zalim He Dil Ki Lagi,-2

For the interluding part play the Em Bm G Bm Bm Em with alternate stroking.

Antara 1,

     Em        Em     G            A  
Tere Hi Dam Se Hogi,  Dil Ki Murad Puri,

Em          Bm     Bm         Em      
Tere Bager Jaanam, He Zindagi Adhuri,

   Em                 Em       Em   Bm      
Ae Meri Hasi Ab Na Ja Kahi, Aa Meri Zindagi,

     G       G        Bm       Bm     Em
Aana Hi Pada Saajana, Zalim He Dil ki Lagi,

Antara 2,

The song continues in the same manner.Notice the change in the rhtym pattern
at different parts of the song.