100 GRAM ZINDAGI (GUZARISH) lesson guitar chords

Chords Used: 
D#major A#major Fmajor Gminor Cminor
Thodi si meethi hai Zara si mirchi hai
It is abit sweet and slightly spicy
Sau gram zindagi yeh Sambhal ki kharchi hai
I have used this 100 grams of life wisely
Asli hai joothi hai Khalis hai. Farzi hai
Whether it is true or a lie; it is pure or unpure
Der thak oobali hai Cup mein daali hai
I boiled it well and put it in a cup
Karwi hai naseeb si Yeh coffee kali hai
It is bitter like fate, this coffee is black
Chamach bar cheeni hai Itni si marzi hai
I add a spoon of sugar- that is my desire
Kaari hai, kothi hai
Whether it is pure or not
Rone ko chotti hai
It is too short to cry over
Daage si khushoyon ko silthi hai..darzi hai
It sows together happiness with a thread like a tailor
Life is good
Life is wonderful
Life is pain
Its all part of the game
Life is love
Its all good
That's the way
Sau gram zindagi