20 - Chord Exercises

Learn The Guitar – Chord Exercises – Lesson 20


Play all exercises with the down/up/down/up/down/up strum pattern as heard on the audio guitar lesson. Also in the audio, we’ll learn a few more strum patterns and see how we can use the same chord progressions to make very different styles of music. Running through this written exercise and combining it with the audio is a great way to Learn The Guitar. Get your fingers warmed up and lets get into it!

Learn The Guitar – Chord Exercise 1

Chord Exercise 2

Chord Exercise 3

Chord Exercise 4

By altering the strum pattern and which strings you actually strum, you can achieve different music styles and patterns. To simplify things, play the audio portion to hear some ideas.
As mentioned in our previous Learn The Guitar beginners lessons, chord memorization is so important for every guitar player. Be sure to work on timing, picking and strumming patterns too, and we’ll give you some ideas in future lessons. For now, practice, and then practice some more! We’ll see you again next time here real soon for some more beginners guitar lessons.