18 - Modified Chords 2

Modified Guitar Chords Pt 2 – Beginners Guitar Lesson 18

We learned in lesson Seventeen, that modified guitar chords are standard chords which use additional notes added. Notes added to major chords are taken from the major scale, and it is the same with modified minor chords. Let’s look at the A minor scale, which is the relative minor of C major..
A Minor Scale
Even though A minor is based on C major, we’ve numbered the notes in the minor scale to modify the minor chord. An A minor chord contains the 1st, 3rd, and 5th notes of the minor scale (A E C). The most popular minor chord modification is the Minor Seven.
To play an Am7 chord, simply play a standard Am chord, and add the seventh note, which is G. This is easily done by dropping your third finger away from a standard AM chord, and will add the open G note.
Am Am7 Chord Diagrams
Other minor chords that are easily modified include:
Dm Dm7 Chord DiagramsEm Em7 Chord Diagrams
Now, let’s try some chord progressions using our new modified minor chords, as well as some from previous lessons. Strum each chord four times.
Guitar Lesson Exercise
Using modified guitar chords within a song usually poses no problems, as long as the melody and solo parts also contain the modified notes. Remember to memorize and perfect all chords, and in the next two lessons, we’ll be putting it all together.